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Tasting menu

Brussels sprouts *
Brussels sprouts salad, horseradish, walnut leaf oil, buttermilk, trout 

Jerusalem Artichoke
Mousse, sambal, beignet of Dutch shrimps and farmhouse cheese, bisque of Dutch shrimps

Pan fried salsify, liquorice, veal sweetbread, coffee-ponzu 

Beetroot *
Peat roasted Crapaudine beetroot, beetroot miso, sauce of beetroot and goat butter, parsley, szechuan pepper

Rutabaga *
Sauerkraut, chicory, green apple, venison steak

Carrot and buckthorn *
Candied carrot, jelly of black carrot, ginger beer pearls, sauce of buckthorn, bee pollen ice cream  

Lunch: 3 dishes € 22.50
Dinner: 4 dishes (*) € 30 | 6 dishes € 40
Wine pairing: 3 glasses € 16 | 4 glasses € 22 | 6 glasses € 32

Upgrade your menu

Cheese platter
Selection of Dutch farmhouse cheeses with garnish 
€ 9.50

Cookie box
Selection of Wannee's cookie box complimented with tea or coffee
€ 4


In case of allergies and/or dietary wishes, please let us know via telephone (+31 (0)58 3030800) or email (info.restaurantwannee@nhlstenden.com), maximum 24 hours before your reservation takes place.